When we arrive we like to have a chat with the client and get to know them and what it is they are looking for from the day. We have by this point carried out all the pre site surveys and if required contacted the relevant Air Traffic Control for the area to inform them of our intentions, we also study maps to check for any anomalies that may affect our required checks we need to do prior to turning up, to make sure every eventuality has been considered and to ensure a successful and safe flight on that day. We will also carry out an onsite survey to look for any further hazards before we set up.


We carry multiple aircraft that we can use and plenty of spares in case of a mechanical issues on the day to make sure we get those all-important shots. Obviously the only variable we have little control over is the weather but we check this regularly and will keep the client up to date fully with our intentions, although our aircraft will with stand winds up to 40 mph, rain and mist and fog may cause  problems with the electronic systems and again a safe flight is our key objective at Sky Perspectives.

A Typical Set Up

A typical set up of equipment we will bring and set up on site. We also have marquees for unsettled weather scenarios

On Site Surveys

On site survey’s making sure we are safe to fly  including using a spectrum analyzer to ensure no interference with our controls shown below

Pre Flight Checks

Before any flight it’s important to check all relevant items on the preflight checklist before take-off this is to ensure a safe trouble free flight as things may become lose in transit..

flight Checks

Once in the air we hold position and check the controls are fully functional and operating correctly before moving off in to position. Then we can focus on gaining those all-important shots using our two operator set up.